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"toread" - an email-based bookmark service

Are you using an online bookmark service to save dozens and dozens of "toread" web pages?

Are you fully satisfied with them?

If you find it hard to manage your "toread" web pages, just try "toread", an email-based bookmark service.

"toread" gives you a simple way to go through your "toread" web pages.
It's simple, free and handy after all, all-in-emails!

As you receive your "toread" websites by email, you can save them in your local disk and browse them at any time, with no online connection required.

Try "toread" from today, and you will find a better way to get along with your "toread" web pages.

Privacy information

We never maintain any cached contents of your bookmarked web pages in our server.
In addition, we never disclose any information regarding YOUR bookmark to the public.
However, we are planning to open a website which will show you some stats and trends of bookmarking in the near future.
Even in that case, we will only include public web pages which do not require any user authorization.

"toread" is determined to protect your online privacy while providing a better way to get along with your "toread" web pages.

Updated: » It's ready. Try news toread.

Add toread button to your web site

You can place "toread" button on your web site so that readers can "toread" your web page by just a single click.

» How to add toread button


How to unregister

To unregister yourself from "toread", see the email you receive at your registration. if you can not find it, register for this service again with the same email address and follow the direction in your registration email.

contact information

Please contact us via support form