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How to use "toread" (How to use "tomobi")

You can bookmark your "toread" web pages by just clicking the bookmarket on your browser.

This page contains "register for toread", "run toread"(jump) and "unregister from toread"(jump).

Register for "toread"

  1. Enter your email address.

    "toread" web site )

  2. Check your email.

    An email about the registration.

    * Note: if you are using "tomobi", please enter the pass code shown in the email.

  3. Add "toread" link to your browser.

    "toread" registration page.

    * Add your comments to your bookmark
    If you would like to add your own comments to your bookmark, use "toread+" link.

    * For IE Users:

    Right click on the link and select "Add to Favorites".

    When you select a folder, an alert window may appear.

    This is because "toread" link contains script (JavaScript), and IE let you know this for security reason.

    The "toread" script works so as to send the cached contents of the web page to your email address.

    If you are OK, select "Yes".

    Then you are all set.
    We recommend you to add [toread] link to the [Links] folder for your convenience.

  4. You will see [toread] link on your browser.

How to run your [toread] link

It is really easy to run [toread]

Just click on the [toread] link on your browser while you are navigating your "toread" web page.

[toread] will send you an email with a cached web page of what you are seeing.

Click on the [toread] link when you would like to "toread"

"toread" will send you an email with this page.

* If you are using "tomobi", only the text contents will be sent to you.

How to unregister

To unregister from "toread", open the registration email you get when you started "toread", and click on the link to unregister.

* If you can not find your registration email, just re-enter your email address on the toread home page. "toread" will resend you the same email as you get on registration.

Registration email

You can unregister from "toread" by selecting "Yes" on the page you see on clicking the unregistration link.

Now you are ready!

I think you are ready to start "toread".

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